Trinity Centre Bradford

Sexual Health Website

This Bradford Website was created whilst I worked at Bradford Royal Infirmary on my placement year, before the days of Huddersfield Website Design.

The Trinity Centre is a sexual health clinic.  They needed a website that simply showcased to the public who they were, what they did, and provided some public information (in the form of pictures, I am still recoiling at some of them!).  They didn’t have a logo so the first thing I did was create them one.  I wanted the reflect that they were there for everyone.  I felt the 3 different coloured vibrant dots represented a idea of inclusiveness and togetherness.  The vibrancy of colours made me think of the fact that they weren’t trying to hide what they were, they were being bold and standing out.  I chose the font on the basis it looked unsual, cutting edge and bold.

The whole website was designed then using the colours from this logo.  The website was built in a content management system called Plone.