Monthly Archives: July 2013

Tips for Writing content for websites

Often clients are surprised when I tell them I need content from them, content such as the text for each page on the site and images.  They say “well I don’t make websites, how do I know what to write?”.  I then say to them, well I’m not a tiler/builder/electrician/tailor/photographer/insert-your-trade-here, how do I know what to write?  This is the ... Read more

Motorhome Electrical Specialists

This client, based in Huddersfield contacted me for 2 websites.  They specialise in auto electrics in Huddersfield.  After completing their first website, Autolec HD, I went onto design their motorhome website.  My client wanted a clean, minimal site to appeal to the more discerning customer.  After receiving the stock photography my client had purchased, I realised that the motorhome image  sold the ... Read more