About Huddersfield Website Design

Hello.  This is me, this is the person behind Huddersfield Website Design – Nicola Elvin.  I love developing websites, building websites and designing websites.

Originally from Glasgow,  I live in Holmfirth, just out of the town centre.  I’ve lived in Holmfirth for about a year now, prior to that I lived in Scholes, Holmfirth and Crosland Hill.

I’m a freelance web developer and have a first class honours degree in Interactive Multimedia from the University of Huddersfield.

Although I live in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, I am happy to work with you wherever you are in the country.  We can communicate via Skype, email, and/or telephone.

I believe passionately in creating simple and clear websites.  I cannot stand bad design.  One of the worst culprits are remote controls.  They are just so over complicated.  That is exactly what you don’t want.  I like to create websites that look good and are easy to use.  Functional and clear.  I consider ease of use in every step of the design stage.  When I take on a website design & build, I also enquire about my client’s search keywords that they want the site to be search engine optimised (SEO) for.  I then design the page layout, content, links and page names, etc around these keywords, whilst directing my client to write content featuring these keywords as headings & links.

If you want to know more about me, or have a chat about what you are looking for, get in touch.  Or have a look at some of the other websites I have designed and built.