Faq: Do I need a domain name?

A domain name is the web address where your website lives.  e.g. google.com, or bbc.co.uk.  Every website needs a domain.  Which name you choose depends on a few things such as :

  • what is available (i.e. no one else has bought it),
  • whether you want a .com or .co.uk address
  • if you want it to be the same as your company name
  • whether you want it to be easy to remember or spell

To check if the domain name is available go to 123-reg.co.uk and about halfway down the page there is a box you can put in your desired domain name to search to see if it’s available.  Domain names typically cost about £8 for the .co.uk extension, .com domains can be a little bit more, starting from around £20.

I can sort the purchasing of the domain name out and just add it to the invoice as a disbursement.