How much do you charge? -

It depends on how complicated your site is.  I charge based on how much time I estimate it will take me.  A typical website will cost between £700 and £1,000.  I will discuss this with you before undertaking any work, and then send you a quotation for approval.  If you are happy with that, I simply ask for 25% of the total upfront to cover any disbursements I may have to make, and as a token of your commitment.

How long will it take? -

It depends on whether I have any other projects on at the moment.  As I work full time, I can only work on one project at a time.  However, it would usually be between 2 – 8 weeks from the date we meet to discuss your requirements.

What is WordPress? -

WordPress is a content management system.  “What does this mean?” I hear you cry!  Well it means that you can manage all your own content on your website, so you can edit all the text and images, and add new pages, reorder the menu, and loads more, all in an easy to use system.  You don’t have to email me whenever you want to edit some text or add an image.

This website is in WordPress.  In fact below is a screenshot of this actual page in the in wordpress.  You can see where all the text is like on this page, and also all the icons similar to word, so you have bold, italics etc.  It’s really easy to use, and puts you in control.


Can you make some changes to my existing website? -

Yes.  If you are happy with your website but maybe just want some minor updates, e.g. add, remove or edit some text, add a new image, add a new page, adding social networking icons, e.g. facebook like buttons, then I can do this for you.  I will give you a quote for the work based on how long I expect it will take me.  Send me an email via my contact page.

Can you create me a logo and some business cards? -

I can do this alongside creating your website, or I can do this as a project on it’s own.  It is important to have a consistent brand across different mediums.  You want your business cards to reflect the design on your website to reinforce the brand identity.

Do you design and build the website? -

I do.  If you are for instance a designer by trade, you can do the design yourself and I can just create the website.  However, usually, clients like me to do the design and build of the site.

Do you only do websites in Huddersfield? -

No, I do website for anyone in any area. I simply call myself Huddersfield Web Design because I live in Huddersfield and know the area.  I have made websites for clients in Halifax, Batley, Cleckheaton, Mirfield, and Manchester.

Can you do an e-commerce website with a shopping cart? -

I can do this using wordpress.  It is then very straightforward for you to simply add your products to wordpress.  I can customise the product screen so you can have whatever fields are suitable for you, e.g. image, size, colour etc.  You will need to make sure you have a paypal account.  Have a look at this e-commerce site I did for a local photographer as an example.

Do I need a domain name? -

A domain name is the web address where your website lives.  e.g. google.com, or bbc.co.uk.  Every website needs a domain.  Which name you choose depends on a few things such as :

  • what is available (i.e. no one else has bought it),
  • whether you want a .com or .co.uk address
  • if you want it to be the same as your company name
  • whether you want it to be easy to remember or spell

To check if the domain name is available go to 123-reg.co.uk and about halfway down the page there is a box you can put in your desired domain name to search to see if it’s available.  Domain names typically cost about £8 for the .co.uk extension, .com domains can be a little bit more, starting from around £20.

I can sort the purchasing of the domain name out and just add it to the invoice as a disbursement.

What about hosting? -

Hosting simply refers to where the files that make up your website live.  You can arrange your website hosting yourself, there are numerous providers out there, and provide me with the details, or I can set all that up for you, choosing a hosting provider on your behalf and adding the cost to the bill.  Typically, the cost is around £30 – £70 a year ,the cost depending on who you go with, and which package you choose.  I always recommend tsohost to my clients.  I find them reliable and very quick to respond to any support issues.

Can I update the website after it is finished? -

You can.  I build the site in wordpress.  Wordpress is a content management system, which simply means you can add your own content.  This site you are on now is built in wordpress.  It makes life a lot simpler, you don’t have to deal with any coding, you have a clear, organised menu system that enables you to quickly update your content.  I will show you how to use this, and of course am always here if you get stuck in the future!

What about optimising the site so it appears top in Google? -

I cannot guarantee your site will be top in google.  However, I do follow all the guidelines Google provide to ensure that your site has the best chance of climbing the rankings in a google search.  The best way of achieving this is by identifying what keywords you wish to target and then optimising your content for these keywords.  Google provide a really helpful video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El3IZFGERbM&feature=share

I need a website but I’m not sure what it should look like -

That’s ok.  I can meet up with you and discuss the look you want, maybe design it around your current logo, or letterhead.  Have a look at the website I created for plg-engineering.  All they had was a logo, I designed the website based on the colour scheme in that logo.  If you don’t have a logo or letterhead, that’s something that Huddersfield Website Design can do as well.  David Speight Photography and Lifting Inspection Services didn’t have a logo or any other branding, their logo was developed based on the type of product they were offering and the audience is was aimed at.

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