Low Cost Website Design from £700

I do the designing of the website as well as the building of it.  Some freelancers specialise in website design or website development, with me you have the whole package.  If you want me to create a website for you, after contacting me we would have a meeting, see what you are looking for, and I would offer my advice as to how the website should look given what you are trying to display, and/or who you are aiming the product at.  Credibility means a lot with websites, it’s your chance to let your company’s personality shine through.  If you were a top class, elite, elegant restaurant, you wouldn’t want a website with red and yellows and big chunky text, that would be at odds with the brand.  So it’s important to identify how you want to portray yourself or your company, and then design the website with that in mind.

A website you can edit

I make websites in WordPress which means you can update them yourself.  Your website won’t look any different to say it is made in WordPress, it just means that you can update it yourself rather than having to depend on me or others who understand HTML coding.  You can edit pages and even add new pages and posts.  It’s very simple to use, much like using Microsoft Word, with buttons to make something bold, adding pictures, etc.  Of course, I will show you how to use it, and if you do ever get stuck, then just give me a shout.

Have a look at my FAQ page for a screenshot of how wordpress looks.

A website optimised for Search Engines (SEO)

Whilst I, nor anyone else can guarantee that top position in a Google search, by using WordPress and using your chosen keywords throughout your content you can increase your ranking.  Keywords are the words that someone types in google that you want to come up top for.  Wordpress helps with this by creating google friendly urls.  It can also be a good idea to write a blog.  Google likes content that is updated regularly, and even better, if you write good content, people link to it.  Google sees those links as proof that your site is credible and more relevant than a similar site with no-one linking to it.

Branding services – logo, business cards, letterheads

Don’t have a logo?  No problem.  Nor did David Speight Photography or Richard Smith Tiling.  I created the logo for them and then customised the design to suit the logo.

A fully bespoke Website Design

Although I use wordpress, I don’t just pick a theme and use it as my own design.  I start completely from scratch which means you get a fully bespoke website, 100% tailored to you.