Post: iOS7 Rushed, untested or not thought about? The Calendar App

There’s a lot of features I like in iOS7.  I like the swiping in safari to go back a page, and how quick it is.  I (quite) like the control centre, although it would have been better if could have chosen what controls I wanted down there.  

There’s an awful lot more I don’t like though, I think I’ll devote this post to the calendar app.

iOS7 Calendar

ios6 Month View

ios6 Month View

ios7 Month View

ios7 Month View

What happens when you tap a day in month view in ios7

Tap a day in month view

I loved the month view in iOS6.  I loved I could see the whole month, at a glance and see through the dots on each day, which days had events on them.  You tapped the day, the events on that day  were listed underneath.  

Apple has completed ruined my easy to use, comfortable, all-encompassing planning experience with their new calendar.  Forget the aesthetics, which incidentally, I don’t like, so much white feels scary, there’s nothing there, no reference points, what is this, what am I looking at?  Wait calm down, it’s just a very minimal design.  

So, yeh, what I REALLY HATE about it is the fact that now, when you tap to see what’s on on a day, the month view disappears and a week view shows instead.  Woah, wait a minute!  That’s a bit disorientating!  I want to see what I have on in a day relative to other days in the month. I may be thinking I have an appointment on that day.  Oh no, maybe its next week, oh, can’t see next week, need to tap on the month name (intuitive I don’t think so) and then look at the next week, tap on the day…I cannot quickly see one day’s events in one weeks in comparison with another day the week after.  I hate it so much, i’ve gone a bought a calendar app called fantastical that gives me that simple to use month view.  I’m not so keen on the colours they use, but it’s less important that it being usable!  Something Apple were revered for.  Simplicity and usability.  With this, is it a case of form over function?  Minimalism over usability?

ios7 missing links notification centre

No links here

While I’m on the calendar app, something else that really bugs me its the notification centre that shows you what you have coming up.  

It helpfully tells me I have one event tomorrow.  What on earth is that event?  Why not tell me?  Ok, well I’ll tap the words ‘there is one all-day event..’, that’ll take me to the event.  No.  Nothing.  I’ll try pressing Calendar, maybe?  No, that does nothing either.  So, what is the point of telling me anything here, if I can’t quickly find out what it is?  I was really shocked at this missing most basic of functionality.  

YET, if I tap the little weather info snippet, it opens the weather app.  Ahh don’t you just love consistency? 

I like good design.  I know people are raving about how pretty the new UI is. Well I’d rather have usable over pretty.  Sure the old gradients and drop shadows look a bit dated, but I’d rather have that than a disconcerting, inconsistent user experience.