Testimonial: Kasia Terry

I really enjoyed working with Nicola. Communication was flowing between us and I consider it essential when it comes to website design. Creating a website is a process, and in order for it to proceed smoothly you need to co-operate with your designer (being able to have a laugh trying ideas helps as well ..!). Before I decided to join forces with Nicola on my demanding new project, I had had a bad experience and wasted a considerable amount of time working on my website with a big, well-known, national organisation. They could not provide what I needed (nor assess my needs properly),e.g. a form where clients could upload their documents or ‘change the language’ button essential in this line of business for a group of my target clients. Nicola listened and delivered what I wanted, was quick to respond (very important!) and I learnt as we went along. She also made a logo for me by incorporating and polishing my visual concepts.

What is more, she showed me how to amend my website in WordPress – very convenient and time-saving! It is easily done so I do not have to worry I will have to chase Nicola in the future if I need to add or amend something.  I can quickly do it myself with a couple of clicks – whether it is a comma missing or whether I fancy adding another image!

Final result: I now have a professional, functional, aesthetically pleasing and fully bi-lingual website my colleagues and clients compliment me on. Diligent perfectionist (as Nicola probably found out), I do not bestow praise easily. So well done and thank you!

Kasia Terry MA, Dip. Trans, LLB Law (Director – PEN Translations)