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Colne Valley Male Voice Choir

Colnve Valley Male Voice Choir approached wanting a whole new site redesign. They had a very busy site and it was difficult to navigate.  They wanted to keep their content and images, yet make it easier to use and give it a modern feel.  Using green, I gave the site a fresh, breathable feel.  This was important with all the copy ... Read more

Kirkburton Pre-school

Kirkburton Pre school are a small voluntary organisation based in Kirkburton, Huddersfield.  As they are a charitable organisation, they didn’t have a large budget.  I don’t mind this.  I like to help out my local area.  Help people who are doing good. They already had a logo.  They weren’t sure what colours to go for and what style.  We looked ... Read more

Care Provider, Huddersfield

Genuine Carers contacted me needing a website, fast!  They had all the imagery and content ready for the website build, and had a really good logo. I took the blue & the grey from their logo and replicated these colours across the site, to reinforce the brand and to invoke a sense of calmness.  To strengthen the brand identity, I ... Read more

E-Commerce Responsive Photography Site

My client was dissatisfied with his old website design.  The background was very dark which drowned out the photos.  He came to me wanting a fresh, bright website which let the photos, rather than the design, do the talking.  He also wanted the website to respond to different screen sizes, showing a different layout depending on if viewed on a ... Read more

Chequers Band

My client’s old website was built in flash.  Flash is a technology that is not search engine friendly, and doesn’t show up on mobiles.  So if you have a flash website, no one will be able to see it on their mobiles. My client wanted a simple, uncluttered look, with the homepage being an advertisement for the band.  I redesigned ... Read more

Pen Translations – Logo and Website

This was a very exciting project.  My client was from Bedford and had received bad service from a well known company for her website build.  She came to me wanting a logo designed and a website that was in English and Polish.  With her business being translation, she didn’t want to use an automatic language translator such as Google Translate. ... Read more

Tips for Writing content for websites

Often clients are surprised when I tell them I need content from them, content such as the text for each page on the site and images.  They say “well I don’t make websites, how do I know what to write?”.  I then say to them, well I’m not a tiler/builder/electrician/tailor/photographer/insert-your-trade-here, how do I know what to write?  This is the ... Read more

Motorhome Electrical Specialists

This client, based in Huddersfield contacted me for 2 websites.  They specialise in auto electrics in Huddersfield.  After completing their first website, Autolec HD, I went onto design their motorhome website.  My client wanted a clean, minimal site to appeal to the more discerning customer.  After receiving the stock photography my client had purchased, I realised that the motorhome image  sold the ... Read more

Autolec HD, Car Electrician

This project was for an auto-electrician in Huddersfield.  They already had a website that they had built with 1and1 hosting, but wanted something with a more streamlined feel, that incorporated their logo. I based the design of the site on their logo.  The logo was black and orange, so I reflected this colour scheme in the rest of the site ... Read more

How much do you charge?

It depends on how complicated your site is.  I charge based on how much time I estimate it will take me.  A typical website will cost between £500 and £1,000.  I will discuss this with you before undertaking any work, and then send you a quotation for approval.  If you are happy with that, I simply ask for 25% of ... Read more

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How long will it take?

It depends on whether I have any other projects on at the moment.  As I work full time, I can only work on one project at a time.  However, it would usually be between 2 – 8 weeks from the date we meet to discuss your requirements.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system.  “What does this mean?” I hear you cry!  Well it means that you can manage all your own content on your website, so you can edit all the text and images, and add new pages, reorder the menu, and loads more, all in an easy to use system.  You don’t have to email me ... Read more

Can you make some changes to my existing website?

Yes.  If you are happy with your website but maybe just want some minor updates, e.g. add, remove or edit some text, add a new image, add a new page, adding social networking icons, e.g. facebook like buttons, then I can do this for you.  I will give you a quote for the work based on how long I expect ... Read more

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Mirfield Heating Engineering Company

PLG Engineering of Mirfield, Huddersfield contacted me asking me whether I could create them a brochure website advertising what they did.  They found that people had been looking for them online and when they didn’t find them, were a bit unsure of them, or whether or not they existed.  They wanted this website to give themselves an online presence.  They ... Read more

Low Cost Website Design from £700

I do the designing of the website as well as the building of it.  Some freelancers specialise in website design or website development, with me you have the whole package.  If you want me to create a website for you, after contacting me we would have a meeting, see what you are looking for, and I would offer my advice as to ... Read more

A website you can edit

I make websites in WordPress which means you can update them yourself.  Your website won’t look any different to say it is made in WordPress, it just means that you can update it yourself rather than having to depend on me or others who understand HTML coding.  You can edit pages and even add new pages and posts.  It’s very simple to ... Read more

A website optimised for Search Engines (SEO)

Whilst I, nor anyone else can guarantee that top position in a Google search, by using WordPress and using your chosen keywords throughout your content you can increase your ranking.  Keywords are the words that someone types in google that you want to come up top for.  Wordpress helps with this by creating google friendly urls.  It can also be ... Read more

Branding services – logo, business cards, letterheads

Don’t have a logo?  No problem.  Nor did David Speight Photography, Lifting Inspection Services or Richard Smith Tiling.  I created the logo for them and then customised the design to suit the logo.  With Lifting Inspection Services, they also wanted this logo adapting to business cards, letterhead and a flyer.  Have a look at the project to see more.

A fully bespoke Website Design

Although I use wordpress, I don’t just pick a theme and use it as my own design.  I start completely from scratch which means you get a fully bespoke website, 100% tailored to you.

New website

Well I’m pleased to say my new website i.e. this, is now launched!  I’m very excited about it.  I am so pleased with the design.  I am normally quite picky with myself when it comes to designing, but with this it seems to have gone really well.  I wanted to achieve a minimalist bare but clean and professional looking site, with a minimal colour palette.  I chose ... Read more

Can you create me a logo and some business cards?

I can do this alongside creating your website, or I can do this as a project on it’s own.  It is important to have a consistent brand across different mediums.  You want your business cards to reflect the design on your website to reinforce the brand identity.

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Do you design and build the website?

I do.  If you are for instance a designer by trade, you can do the design yourself and I can just create the website.  However, usually, clients like me to do the design and build of the site.

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Do you only do websites in Huddersfield?

No, I do website for anyone in any area. I simply call myself Huddersfield Web Design because I live in Huddersfield and know the area.  I have made websites for clients in Halifax, Batley, Cleckheaton, Mirfield, and Manchester.

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Can you do an e-commerce website with a shopping cart?

I can do this using wordpress.  It is then very straightforward for you to simply add your products to wordpress.  I can customise the product screen so you can have whatever fields are suitable for you, e.g. image, size, colour etc.  You will need to make sure you have a paypal account.  Have a look at this e-commerce site I ... Read more

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Do I need a domain name?

A domain name is the web address where your website lives.  e.g., or  Every website needs a domain.  Which name you choose depends on a few things such as : what is available (i.e. no one else has bought it), whether you want a .com or address if you want it to be the same as your ... Read more

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What about hosting?

Hosting simply refers to where the files that make up your website live.  You can arrange your website hosting yourself, there are numerous providers out there, and provide me with the details, or I can set all that up for you, choosing a hosting provider on your behalf and adding the cost to the bill.  Typically, the cost is around £30 ... Read more

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Can I update the website after it is finished?

You can.  I build the site in wordpress.  Wordpress is a content management system, which simply means you can add your own content.  This site you are on now is built in wordpress.  It makes life a lot simpler, you don’t have to deal with any coding, you have a clear, organised menu system that enables you to quickly update ... Read more

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What about optimising the site so it appears top in Google?

I cannot guarantee your site will be top in google.  However, I do follow all the guidelines Google provide to ensure that your site has the best chance of climbing the rankings in a google search.  The best way of achieving this is by identifying what keywords you wish to target and then optimising your content for these keywords.  Google ... Read more

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I need a website but I’m not sure what it should look like

That’s ok.  I can meet up with you and discuss the look you want, maybe design it around your current logo, or letterhead.  Have a look at the website I created for plg-engineering.  All they had was a logo, I designed the website based on the colour scheme in that logo.  If you don’t have a logo or letterhead, that’s something ... Read more

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Huddersfield Driving School

This project was a simple redesign of the existing site.  Huddersfield Driving School already had a website.  They wanted some social icons adding such as facebook like button, and twitter share button.  They also required a feed from their facebook page, which meant whenever they made a new post on their facebook page, it would come through onto their website. ... Read more