Post: New website

Well I’m pleased to say my new website i.e. this, is now launched!  I’m very excited about it.  I am so pleased with the design.  I am normally quite picky with myself when it comes to designing, but with this it seems to have gone really well.  I wanted to achieve a minimalist bare but clean and professional looking site, with a minimal colour palette.  I chose green because a, it’s my favourite colour and b, I think it’s so fresh and vibrant.  With the light grey colour palette, there needed to be a strong colour to give the site some life, which I think the green has done nicely.

I had to create the logo as well which I think works well with the brand.  The forward slash between the words is a reference to the web.  I’m looking forwards to adapting the design to some business cards.  When I get them done I’ll take some pictures and post on here.

I also love the design I did on the previous site to this one – David Speight Photography, also very clean and minimal.  Subtle is the best choice of words I think.  Anyway, let me know what you think.  Do you like the design?  Is there anything you’d do differently?