Kirkburton Pre-school

Pre-school, Kirburton, Huddersfield

Kirkburton Pre school are a small voluntary organisation based in Kirkburton, Huddersfield.  As they are a charitable organisation, they didn’t have a large budget.  I don’t mind this.  I like to help out my local area.  Help people who are doing good.

They already had a logo.  They weren’t sure what colours to go for and what style.  We looked at a few different preschool/nursery websites and primary school websites.  They all seemed to be aimed at children.  They used primary colours and looked more fitting to a children’s website.  It was important to recognise that this site was for parents.  That didn’t mean it had to be serious and boring.  Oh no!  They told me they used pink and green a lot in their pre school.  So I took those colours and applied it to their site.

Kirkburton pre school luckily had a lot of lovely images of the children, which made the website look great, it came alive.

As the site was build in wordpress, the volunteers were able to go in and update it themselves.