Pen Translations – Logo and Website

This was a very exciting project.  My client was from Bedford and had received bad service from a well known company for her website build.  She came to me wanting a logo designed and a website that was in English and Polish.  With her business being translation, she didn’t want to use an automatic language translator such as Google Translate.  I thus created her a WordPress site which she could edit fully, and that enabled her to add content in two different languages.  The website has a flag on it, which when clicked, sets a preference in the visitors internet browser.  English content or Polish content is then shown depending on which language the visitor chose.

The red colouring of the brand was my clients request.  I created a few website designs for her to look through, from which she chose the design you see before you.

I also created a logo for my client.  She wanted the words pen and translations encompassing in a logo.  The result is a speech bubble with the top of a fountain pen.