Retail Designer Website

My client came to me wanting a website for his company.  He had already created a logo and knew the colour scheme he wanted.  What he didn’t want was a standard website, that looked like every other site.

I wanted to show in the design what my client’s business was about.  I spoke to him about who his ideal website visitors were, and what they would be looking for if they were looking to hire someone like himself.  We decided it was important that they know straight off what he did.  I achieved this through large typography on the homepage, and through the use of my clients blueprints for the background images for the pages.  I was concerned that the size of these images may impact mobile users, who would be using their mobile data allowance.  So I coded a slightly different view for mobile users – a website with just a white background on each page.  They then wouldn’t have to worry about the website hogging all their mobile data allowance.